There is a wide choice of degree, long-term and short-term educational programmes in Russian universities. The list of available postgraduate programmes in English is given below. You may click the university title in order to get full information on the relevant programmes taught in English:
Far East Federal University (Russia in Asia-Pacific Politics, Economy and Security; Project Management; Hospitality Management; Offshore and Coastal Engineering; Russian Business and Investment Law)
Tomsk State University (Siberia and Arctic Studies; Recultivation and bioremediation of soils and water bodies; Geography and water and climate resources; Historical and Regional Geology; Russian as a foreign language; Russian Literature and Its European Communications; Historical Sciences and Archaeology (PhD); Geology of Mineral Resources; Earth Sciences; Anthropology and ethnology; Siberia: modern development, culture, history; Culturology (PhD); Innovation Technologies and Agrobusiness Industry; Ecology and Environmental Management; Chemical and Physical Methods of Research in Environmental and Forensics Expertise; Siberia for Russia and the World; Siberian Studies: History and Modern Period; Studies of the European Union).
Novosibirsk State University (Probability and Statistics; Numerical Statistical Modelling; Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems: Theory, Numerics and Applications; Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Optimization; Big Data Analytics; Oil and Gas Management; Quantitative Economics; Financial Management; Residency in Dermatovenerology; Quantum optics and Nanosciences; International and Russian Business Law; Russia and countries of the East: international relations and cultural interaction; Materials science).
Ural Federal University (Political Philosophy; Russian Studies; BRICS Сountries in a Globalizing World; Knowledge Engineering and Intellectual Property Management; Sustainability and Innovative Development of Knowledge-Intensive Productions; Food Biotechnology; Modern Publishing Process Management; IT Innovations in Business; High Performance Sport; Cognitive Neuroscience; Global Energy Business; System Programming; PR & Advertising; International entrepreneurship in trade and service area).
St. Petersburg State University (International Trading System; International Relations; Strategic and Arms Control Studies; European Legal Studies and International Economic Law; Corporate Finance; Management; Political Governance and Public Policy; International Sociology; Game Theory and Operations Research; Condensed Matter Physics; Polar and Marine Research; Russian Culture - taught in English; Theory and Practice of Verbal Communication; Intercultural Communication: German-Russian Dialogue - taught in German; Innovation Technologies in Translation - taught in French, Italian or Spanish).
Kazan Federal University (Evidence Based Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy; Pharmacology; Software Engineering; Open Computer Science; General and strategic management; Algebra; Neurobiology; Physics of the Magnetic Phenomena; Environmental studies: system ecology and modeling; Biotechnical systems and technologies; Complex data analysis of geosciences; Stratigraphy; Regional studies. Eurasian studies: Russia and neighboring regions (Islamic studies); History of Russia: sociocultural and ethno political research; Linguistics. Theory of translation. Intercultural and inter linguistic communication; Linguistics. Theory and methods of language and culture teaching; The Law of international trade and external economic activity; European law; Teaching English at the high and higher school; Transnational migration and religious adaptation);
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (Chemistry of the Environment; Functional Methods in Differential Equations and Interdisciplinary Researches; Theoretical Physics; Innovations in business creation and management; Computational Civil Engineering; Economics of Natural Resources Management; Ecological biotechnology; The Real Estate Economics in Agroindustrial Complex; Agronomy “Integrated Plant Protection”; Soil Fertility Management; Agroecological Land Evaluation; Comparative philosophy; World politics: Political processes and maintenance of international security; Theoretical and Applied Linguistics; Applied international journalism; International protection of human rights; Legal Translation and Interpreting; Translator and Interpreter for Public Services and Institutions; International Private Law; International Private Law; International marketing; Marketing of innovations under current technological trends; International business).
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Physics of nanostructures; Advanced combinatorics; Neural network & neural computers; Aerodynamics; Beam-plasma systems & technologies; Environmental & planetary sciences; Energy technologies & environmental safety; Atmosphere & ocean fluid dynamics; Omics technologies).

National Research University Higher School of Economics  (Big Data Systems; System and Software Engineering; Statistical Learning Theory; Quantum Information Technologies; Finance; Financial Economics; Strategic Corporate Finance; Applied and Interdisciplinary History: Usable Pasts; Linguistic Theory and Language Description; Global Business; International Business; Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation; Mathematics; Applied Statistics with Network Analysis; City and Technology; Applied Social Psychology; Cognitive Sciences and Technologies: From Neuron to Cognition; Comparative Social Research; Political Analysis and Public Policy; Politics. Economics. Philosophy; Population and Development; Comparative Politics of Eurasia; International Relations in Eurasia; Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia).
National University of Science and Technology MISiS  (Advanced Materials Science; Innovative software systems: design, development &applications; Communications and International Public Relations; Nanotechnology and materials for micro- and nanosystems ; Science and Materials of Solar Energy; Quantum physics for advanced materials engineering; Advanced metallic materials and engineering; Inorganic nanomaterials; Multicomponent nanostructed coatings. Nanofilms; Digital fabrication).
Tomsk Polytechnic University (Computer Simulation of Material Production, Processing and Treatment; Electronic Control and Diagnostic Systems in Engineering and Medicine; Networks and Communications; Nuclear Power Installations Operation; Information and Measuring Equipment and Technologies of Nondestructive Testing; Oil and Gas Field Development; Biomedical Sciences and Engineering).
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Methods of mathematical physics and mathematical modeling; High and ultra high energy elementary particle physics; Strategic Management of the Company and the Business Excellence Models; Business Informatics in High-Technology Industry; Cryptology in Information Security Systems; Safe Nuclear Materials Management; Physics of high-speed processes; Nanostructured Materials; Prospective Technologies in Materials Science; Secure Automated Data Processing and Control Systems; Highly-Critical Cybernetic Systems Development Technologies; High-Tech Information Systems).
N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (Mathematics and Computer Science; Supercomputer Technologies and High Performance Computing).
Samara State Aerospace University (Aerospace Propulsion engineering; Aerospace Engineering; Metallurgy; GNSS technologies; Photonics; High Technology Business Management (SSAU); Mechatronic Systems).
ITMO University (Photonics and Optoinformatics; Applied Mathematics and Informatics; Sustainable Chemical Technologies).
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Biomedical Science and Technology; Energy Science and Technology; Information Science and Technology; Space Science and Technology).